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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Summer Program - Teacher05/23/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer School - Support Staff05/23/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Program - Paraprofessional05/17/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Program - Psychologist05/17/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - Physical Therapist05/17/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - Occupational Therapist05/17/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - CNA / Paraprofessional05/17/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Director of Research,Data, Assessment, and Accountability05/15/2018District AdministrativeDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - Teachers05/15/2018SummerTalbotApply
Assistant Football Coach05/15/2018CoachingDurfee High SchoolApply
Field Supervisor, Nutrition and Food Services05/15/2018Food ServiceDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - ESL Teacher05/07/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Program - Nurse05/07/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Program - ESL Teacher05/04/2018SummerTalbotApply
Summer Program - ESL Teacher05/04/2018SummerDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Gateway Program - Coordinator05/04/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - Teacher05/04/2018SummerTalbotApply
Summer Program - Teacher05/04/2018SummerFonsecaApply
Summer Program - Teacher05/04/2018SummerGreeneApply
Summer Program - Nurse05/04/2018SummerDistrict WideApply
Summer Program - Paraprofessional05/04/2018SummerTalbotApply
Summer Program - Paraprofessional05/04/2018SummerFonsecaApply
Summer School - Paraprofessional05/04/2018SummerGreeneApply
ELA Interventionist / Coach05/03/2018CertifiedLetourneauApply
Summer Program - Nurse05/03/2018SummerLetourneauApply
Summer Program - Paraprofessionals05/03/2018SummerLetourneauApply
Summer Program - Coordinator05/03/2018SummerLetourneauApply
Summer Program - ESL Teacher05/03/2018SummerLetourneauApply
Varsity Assistant Football Coach04/25/2018CoachingDurfee High SchoolApply
Summer Program - Coordinator Sped04/25/2018SummerHenry LordApply
Summer Program - Nurse Special Ed Program04/25/2018SummerHenry LordApply
Summer Program - Special Education Paraprofessionals04/25/2018SummerHenry LordApply
Summer Program - Special Education Teachers04/25/2018SummerHenry LordApply
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Special Education04/23/2018District AdministrativeSpedApply
Administrative Assistant - School Committee04/23/2018ClassifiedCentral Administration BuildingApply
Substitute Teacher - Grade 7 ELA04/02/2018SubstituteHenry LordApply
Paraprofessional - Special Education Self Contained04/02/2018ClassifiedKussApply
Paraprofessional - Kindgergarten04/02/2018ClassifiedViveirosApply
Paraprofessional - Special Education Self Contained04/02/2018ClassifiedSpencer BordenApply
Department Head - Special Education03/22/2018CertifiedDurfee High SchoolApply
Substitute - Nurse03/22/2018SubstituteDistrict WideApply
Transition Specialist03/16/2018CertifiedSpedApply
Vision Teacher03/16/2018CertifiedSpedApply
After School Teacher02/27/2018ClassifiedTalbotApply
ESL Teacher02/27/2018CertifiedRPAApply
Clerk - Business Office12/22/2017Classified290 Rock StreetApply
Health Teacher12/18/2017CertifiedDurfee High SchoolApply
Chemistry Teacher12/11/2017CertifiedDurfee High SchoolApply