The Superintendent of Schools announces the following position within the Fall River Public School System:


Position:Part Time – Support Staff FREDTV/FRGTV        


Job Description:The support staff position will assist in the production and airing of programming related to cablecasting on FREDTV (channel 9) and FRGTV(channel 18) and their respective websites.


Performance Responsibilities:


Preferred Qualifications:


The Superintendent of Schools reserves the right to waive a position qualification or determine that there is an acceptable alternative to that qualification. If the Superintendent intends to waive a qualification, such intent will be shared with the Fall River School Committee.


Reports To:Managing Instructor and Director of Operations




Terms of Employment:Contracted on as needed basis. Students employed until graduated. Post High School Candidates will be contracted as needed for various productions. This Position is funded by the Educational Telecommunications Program Grant. 


Compensation:$11-$20/ Hour Commensurate with Experience


Closing Date for Applications:Open for Continued Operational Needs



The Fall River Public Schools offers all programs, activities, and employment opportunities without regard to race, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability.